Alholmen Industrial Park (AIP) in the Jakobstad region is a strong concentration of nine industrial and 53 service companies, employing almost 2,000 people directly. The purpose and objective of our analysis were to rapidly create a high-level current state analysis of the circular economy, outline potential future directions, and identify possible actions to get started with AIP’s CE transformation journey.

”The collaboration went very well. We had a good discussion in the beginning, and we got a good result even though the assignment was not clear at first. I appreciated the process; we discussed solutions and we were constantly given suggestions for the next steps. Proposals, solutions, and professionalism are expected from such a consulting assignment. We got that in this project.”
Tomas Knuts
Project Manager, Jakobstad region development company Concordia

The challenge

Jakobstad region development company Concordia strives to create a roadmap including a strategy and an action plan for the three regions in Ostrobothnia, to develop a society that is based on circular economy and sustainable principles. Companies at AIP are interested in developing joint circular economy operations, but it was unclear what their current situation is, what a CE transformation would require, and whether there are shared ambitions. Concordia’s goal was to motivate and inspire AIP companies in taking the first steps towards circularity.


Taival helped Concordia and AIP in developing a high-level understanding of the current state of circular economy practices among companies in the area. In addition, we outlined possible visions for AIP’s circular economy transformation journey including a high-level roadmap. This was achieved through Taival’s rapid circular economy assessment process including eight company interviews.


As a result of the analysis, companies at AIP achieved a better and wider understanding of what circular economy could mean for their companies and AIP. Through the analysis, AIP is better equipped to take concrete actions and get started with its circular transformation journey.