Oulu Housing Fair: Data Ecosystem and Digital Use Cases + Road map

Oulu Housing Fair 2025 and the new residential area Hartaanselänranta have an ambitious goal of efficient and safe use of data to develop sustainable solutions for new digital services for residents and the city. 1001Lakes and Taival Advisory committed to identifying the most functional and realistic digital use cases for the area and as a follow-up project built an action-oriented roadmap for realisation.

”When starting the project, we had goals, but we did not know how to put them in action or if the goals were at all realistic. Work done gave us clear steps for realization and a good understanding of how challenging our goals can be. The project management was firm and guided us well. It was fun to work with relaxed and friendly consultants who understood us so well.”
Ritva Kuusisto
Project Manager, Oulu Housing Fare 2025

The challenge

The goal of efficient and fair use of data to develop sustainable digital solutions for the housing area needed support and clarification regarding tangible use case options. The goal of the project was to identify and clarify the most representative and realistic digital use cases for Oulu Housing Fair 2025 and Hartaanselänranta residential area.

After identifying the digital use cases, 1001 Lakes and Taival Advisory managed a follow-up project to build a tangible roadmap for use case realisation and development.


Nine digital use cases were identified and a clear road map for development was established:

  • Digital use cases were related to building and developing the area and focusing also to help residents in their everyday life. All use cases were focused to secure a safe and modern way of using data.
  • The roadmap included a tangible realisation plan, business model assessment, funding opportunities, and a preliminary plan for a kickstart of use cases.


The new residential area of Hartaanselänranta now has a clear list of digital use cases which support the goal of efficient and safe use of data. These digital use cases have a clear roadmap for realization developed by 1001Lakes and Taival Advisory.

These two 1001Lakes & Taival projects have a broader impact to support an innovative operation model in the area. This broader project is applying for public funding later in 2021.

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Reko Lehti
Executive Partner