Finnish Forest Company - Applying Sustainable Design practices in Product Development

Taival co-developed Sustainable Design principles and processes on a corporate scale for the product development process together with the R&D team of a Finnish Forest Company, enabling new ways and methods to do product development and achieve climate goals.

The challenge

The client wanted to proactively improve sustainability and therefore was looking to develop a sustainable design process and methods focused on sustainability and user-centricity, which is applicable for all business units in order to identify sustainable business opportunities and set sustainability targets for product development.

To increase collaboration between different parts of the organizations around sustainable product and business development purposes, a flexible and easily adaptable work process was needed to harmonize sustainable product development and improve environmental impacts.


Taival and the client team jointly developed a modular sustainable design process and toolbox, focusing on sustainability and user-centricity, that is applicable for different business units in order to identify existing and new business opportunities and meet sustainability goals for product development.

Process methods are modular so that each business unit can select suitable tools for their needs and easily integrate them into the product development process.

A new skills and capability development training was developed and embedded into existing practices to enhance cross-departmental collaboration and customer understanding.

The methods were developed in collaborative workshops with participants from across business units.


  • New skills and capability-building training are embedded into existing practices building on collaborative working methods utilizing design and life cycle thinking.
  • Sustainable Product Design process and toolkit to support the development of sustainable solutions with a solid sustainability value proposition.
  • Creative and agile development of sustainable solutions with a solid sustainability value proposition

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Tapani Jokinen
Principal Design Advisor