Tampereen Raitiotie Oy was preparing for the test and launch of the new tramway system and required continuous support in technology-related issues and oversight for implementing their digital projects

Tampereen Ratiotie Oy

The challenge

Tampereen Raitiotie has ambitious plans to become the most advanced tramway in Europe. The tramway is being built in tight collaboration between various construction and engineering companies and requires various systems to oversee and control both the development and running of the environment. The core team had limited skills in IT and technology management and wished to have an external manager to create an operating model for IT management and oversee and manage key technology projects.


Taival offered a part-time resource to manage the IT resources and their development. Together with the core team, he builds a comprehensive architecture model of the current and future IT environment as well as process descriptions for the key operating model areas. He also ran the RFP processes for several IT service purchases and acted as a service owner for a key solution.


Tampereen Raitiotie received continuous support for their IT-development needs as well as basic structures to control the architecture. The CTO-as-a-service model enabled the core team to focus on their own responsibilities without needing to care about technological issues.

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Reko Lehti
Executive Partner