ABB Smart Power – SWITCH GREEN EcoDesign Project

Taival Advisory worked with ABB Smart Power to crystallise sustainability goals and strategy. The Switch Green Design project built competencies and capabilities for designing products and product service systems by using Ecodesign principles to drive sustainable innovations and business models.

"We were looking for a company that could support us in our sustainability transformation. We made the right choice by selecting Taival. They helped us to better understand what EcoDesign means and to create alignment on what actions to take next in our transformation. We gained skills and practical tools we can readily utilize. I am extremely happy with the co-operation with Taival."
Juhani Väättänen
R&D Manager

ABB is a leading global technology company that energises the transformation of society and industry to achieve a more productive, sustainable future.

The challenge

  • ABB wanted to understand how new EU laws and requirements will affect its business and products. They were looking to commission research that provided a summary of future requirement changes.
  • ABB wanted to have a rapid Circular economy training program to build new skills and capabilities of its employees.
  • ABB needed new working methods to proactively improve sustainability performance across all disciplines.
  • ABB was looking to implement a sustainable design process and methods focused on sustainability and user-centricity in order to identify sustainable business opportunities and set sustainability targets for product development.


  • Taival delivered a policy study summarising current and future EU requirements and laws to help ABB anticipate, adapt, and address change, crystallising the resulting challenges and opportunities.
  • Taival provided an eco-design process, methods, and tools, focusing on sustainability and user-centricity to identify existing and new business opportunities to meet sustainability goals. The target was the creative and agile development of sustainable solutions with a solid sustainability value proposition.
  • Taival facilitated an interdisciplinary creative workshop for ABB to drive sustainable innovation, explore new business opportunities, and built-up knowledge, skills, and capabilities in eco-design.


  • Policy Study report summarising current and future EU requirements and laws to help ABB anticipate, adapt, and address the change.
  • Upskilling of a cross-functional team of professionals to collaborate and drive the transformation towards a sustainable future.
  • The project identified user needs, customer demands, upcoming legislation, and societal trends to help define requirements and translate them into sustainable technology solutions that contribute to a circular economy with solid sustainability value proposition and circular economy business models to ensure that ABB can create tangible revenue growth aligned with company values and strategy.
  • Ecodesign workshop gathered a multidisciplinary team to work together to solve practical sustainability challenges and create concrete solutions for products, product service systems, and business models by using our Ecodesign Framework. We created and innovated several sustainable solutions focused on extending a product’s life cycle and producing energy-efficient, recyclable low-carbon products and the product service system that supports them.

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Tapani Jokinen
Principal Design Advisor