A Business Playbook for Sustainable Success

Petri Salo

CEO, Executive Partner

The business environment that we operate in is about to undergo its most profound change of the modern era that will risk most currently successful business models becoming obsolete. Triggered by the environmental and social crises, the revised economic system will make traditional strategies fail. In order to succeed, business leaders must grasp the logic behind this system-level change. 

This is why I wrote a book about it. It shares my personal journey towards sustainable business success. It is aimed to help business leaders navigate the economic impact of the environmental and social crises to help capture the tremendous emerging business opportunities while avoiding significant threats. It shares many practical examples, a ton of interesting data, and numerous tips for further reading. 

It’s all about business strategies that allow companies to do well by doing good. It’s about business models that provide returns to all stakeholders, not just the shareholders and not just the ones from whom the company directly benefits. It’s about companies with purposes that provide a motivational foundation to do well by doing good. 


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