Ilmastotyön haasteet ja ratkaisut Suomen kunnissa ja kaupungeissa


Suomen kuntien ja kaupunkien ilmastotyö on noussut uudelle tasolle tahtotilassa. Näemme tämän Taival-tiimissä päivittäisissä keskusteluissa julkisen sektorin asiakkaiden kanssa. Pusku päätöksen teossa ja rahoitusmahdollisuuksissakin on vahva vuonna 2022 kestävyyden edistämiseksi järjestelmällisesti kunta- ja kaupunkityössä. Tuntuu kuitenkin, että käytännön toimenpiteiden etenemisessä jossain usein kiikastaa. Mutta missä? Taival keskusteli syksyllä 2021 yli 70 kunta- kaupunkivaikuttajan kanssa kestävyyden […]

Change is good!


You might have seen that we have done some changes in Taival’s Management Team at the beginning of the year. While Petri took over as the CEO for Taival Advisory, Michael changed into a COO role and took responsibility for our German business. We feel that the changes we made will enable us to accelerate […]

Trends that shape 2021 – RECAP

We started the year 2021 by predicting what trends would shape the year. Now, one year later, let’s take a recap and see which of these predictions came through. In the first episode of #ReinventingStrategy this season, Reko and Petri have come together to explore the year 2021 in a little more detail based on […]

Welcome Ann Plough to the Taival team!

Shortly introducing yourself – Who is Ann? I am a US native with 20+ years of experience in senior roles ranging across sales, marketing, program management, and business development at international growth and tech companies in the US, Germany, and Finland. I’ve been a triathlete, a mountain climber, and an International Pesto Competition participant. I […]

How do ecosystems evolve? – BrainLit x Taival

For this Reinventing Strategy episode, we have invited experts Sari Kola and Tord Wingren to have a chat on ecosystems. Specifically, we will explore how do ecosystems evolve from being basic innovation ecosystems to actual business ecosystems that generate revenue. Introducing BrainLit, a company that brings bright light indoors to enhance our health, wellbeing, and […]

How do M&A deals and ecosystem-based business models combine?

In this episode, Sari, Reko, and Sanna are investigating how to approach the ecosystem-based business models from the company valuation angle. The topic is very relevant and timely also on a global scale. According to McKinsey’s report – 30% of global revenues are going to come from ecosystems by 2025. The observed problem in this […]

Ecosystems & Data: Innovation Strategy Needed

There is a lot of talk about ecosystems. There is plenty of public funding available. And yet, while ecosystems are important, there are other strategies for innovation, growth and renewal that are equally fit for purpose: Own R&D, M&A and outsourcing have all their place in an organization’s innovation toolbox. The decision to participate in […]

Miten nuoret hyödyntävät digitalisaatiota aikuisia luontevammin?

Tässä podcast jaksossa nuoret diginatiivit Joonas, Tiitus ja Emil keskustelevat yhdessä Petri Salon kanssa pelaamisesta, etäopetuksesta ja kaverisuhteista. Mitä ajatuksia nuorille diginatiiveille on syntynyt etäopetuksesta ja sen mukana tulleista työkaluista? Miten pelaaminen ja sosiaalinen media edistää kaverisuhteita? Entä miten he oppivat parhaiten? Vastukset kysymyksiin ja paljon muuta mielenkiintoista löydät täältä:

Welcome Majella Clarke to the Taival team!

Shortly introducing yourself – Who is Majella? I have worn lots of hats in my life – Climate Change Scientist, Environmental Economist, Musician, Artist, Researcher, Data and AI Strategist to name just a few. But the essence of who we are as humans is defined by our values and what we do with our knowledge […]

Welcome Sanna Piha to the Taival team!

Shortly introducing yourself – Who is Sanna? Sanna is a curious polymath with a Why not? attitude. She brings with her 25 years of managerial and leadership experience in international growth organisations. Sustainability and collaboration are key attributes of the modern work near to her heart. She aims to look into the future but with […]