A Business Playbook for Sustainable Success

The business environment that we operate in is about to undergo its most profound change of the modern era that will risk most currently successful business models becoming obsolete. Triggered by the environmental and social crises, the revised economic system will make traditional strategies fail. In order to succeed, business leaders must grasp the logic […]

Doing well by doing good – Those who adapt the fastest, will win

We have arrived at a crossroads. A business wins when it can solve its customers’ problems better than anyone else.   Yesterday, customers’ most valuable problems were typically directly related to them. Today, many valuable problems are shared by everyone on the planet.   Yesterday, companies were allowed to use many planetary resources free of […]

Make It Bankable

#ReinventingStrategy podcast is back! 🙌 In this episode, Petri Salo, CEO of Taival, and Antti Vihavainen, CEO of Puro.earth, have a discussion on how to market-enable the planetary cost of CO2 emissions. 🌱 In particular, Antti shares Puro.earth’s story of building the world’s first standard, registry, and marketplace that focuses solely on engineered carbon removal.

AI2GO event wrap-up

“Finland is one of the first countries in the world to have a national AI strategy. Finland’s aim is to become a leading country in the application of AI while doubling economic growth rate by 2035.” Jan Feller at AI2GO event. We looked at AI in Sustainability through two lenses: 1) how can AI play a role […]

Circular Design Workshop, “Designing sustainable future”

Author: Erika Niemi-Vanala   I had a pleasure to participate in an interesting design workshop, which dealt with the topic that seems to be in the headlines everywhere – circular economy. More specifically, the workshop was about circular design, and from a service design student point of view, this sounded a chance too good to […]

Welcome to the team Sini Saalasti!

Who is Sini? I am a value-driven business development and sales professional with a background in SMEs, startups, and growth companies. I have been building new business models and working with innovative technologies in several industries – machinery and industrial services, built environment, e-commerce, and technology. My roles have been changing from international sales to […]

Birthdays, the Red Queen, and a Bright Outlook for a Strong Future 

Last Thursday, Taival celebrated its 5th year in business – a notable milestone for any company, particularly given the unusual, unexpected, and unprecedented changes and challenges the world has experienced during the last few years.     A birthday party like this one, where we all met together, in person, under one roof, felt extra […]

Welcome to the team Paula Aro!

Who is Paula? I have 20+ years of experience in various technology consulting and delivery roles. My passion is to bridge business and IT together to enable sustainable and agile business value creation and the ability to adapt to a continuously changing operating environment. As a leader I want to make an impact through inspiring […]

Isoäidin kakkuresepti

Ajattele strategiaasi kakkureseptinä. Isoäidiltä perittynä se on tuottanut herkullisia leivonnaisia jo vuosikymmenten ajan. Mutta olosuhteissa ja raaka-aineissa ajan mittaan tapahtuneet muutokset saattavat johtaa tilanteeseen, jossa hiiva ei reagoikaan muihin ainesosiin enää samalla kohottavalla tavalla kuin ennen. Tuloksena saattaakin ennakko-odotusten vastaisesti olla pannukakku. Ethän halua bisneksellesi käyvän niin? Me Taivalilla pysähdyimme vuoden vaihteessa pohtimaan oman olemassaolomme […]

Kestävää menestystä kestävästi– kestämätön yhtälö?

Kannanotto vastuullisuuteen liiketoiminnassa löytyy lähes jokaisen yrityksen nettisivuilta. Toisilla ne ovat yleviä toimintapoliittisia periaatteita ja toisilla konkreettisempia toimintamalleihin liittyviä käytäntöjä. On myös yrityksiä, joissa vastuullisuus on liikeidean ydintä ja siitä on tehty liiketoiminnan keskeinen kilpailuetu. On kuitenkin paljon yrityksiä, joissa vastuullisuuden matka nettisivujen lausumista toiminnan todellisuuteen on vielä matka tulevaisuuteen. Miksiköhän? Onko kysymys asenteesta, muutosvastarinnasta, […]