AI2GO event wrap-up


“Finland is one of the first countries in the world to have a national AI strategy. Finland’s aim is to become a leading country in the application of AI while doubling economic growth rate by 2035.” Jan Feller at AI2GO event.

We looked at AI in Sustainability through two lenses:
1) how can AI play a role in enabling sustainability and
2) what impact does AI / IT have e.g. in the form of CO2 emissions

AI2GO featured four keynote speakers:
– Michael Hanf presented a case example of how AI could be leveraged to close the loop on plastic
– Jan Feller presented some highly interesting case examples of companies/start-ups that use AI to tackle sustainability-related challenges in Finland and Germany
– Katharina Milde switched the perspective a bit by providing a view on the CO2 impact of AI (and IT)
– Max Stucki provided an outlook on the main trends that will be shaping the sustainability space and how AI can and must play a role

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