AI Monday Compendium -
2 years of AI Monday at a glance

The most comprehensive overview of German and Finnish AI market available right now.


What is inside?

Key companies, people and insights about the AI scene in Denmark, Germany and Finland.

  • AI experts and contacts
  • AI companies and solutions
  • AI trends and insights for 2020
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What is AI Monday?

Started in 2017 in Helsinki the event took over Europe and in the past 2 years connected
5000+ AI enthusiasts and 170 speakers in 7 cities.

A monthly networking event for those interested in AI.
The aim is to share AI-knowledge and encourage organisations to initiate their change journeys.

Four crisp presentations incl. Q&A + networking
AI curious people, change leaders, businesses with passion for data and disruption
Germany, Finland, Denmark
Always on Mondays after work
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What experts say

One of a kind report

Director General of UN

YOu should download this literally right now

CEO of Germany

Really proud of this one

CEO Taival

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Connect with the AI community

What is AI going to be like in 2020?
What are the biggest trends? What should YOU do? Find it in the AI Monday compendium

Find key people

AI experts, influencers and opinion leaders across Europe

Find the right solution for your business

Navigate through dozens of AI solutions from leading innovators in the field

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