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Demystifying Circularity – Introducing the Circular Company

While the cry for a sustainable circular economy is getting louder, many struggle with understanding what this paradigm shift means for them. Based on many discussions with professionals and learnings from the Circular Economy Assessment, Michael will try to capture some of the key findings from these activities to demystify circularity.


Better thinking generates better life

The adoption of sustainable lifestyles is on the rise, but consumers need more help. By increasing the level of awareness, our thinking will automatically perform better.


European Data act: Data business made easy (and profitable)?

There is a new act in town, as the EU has formally published a proposal for a second major data regulation called “Data Act”, which targets the industrial, non-personal data of companies. Unlike GDPR, this legislation is not prohibitive, but rather aims to provide open and fair access to data for both public and private sector companies.


What are E, S, and G, and how are they visible in SMEs?

ESG is often used as a synonym for responsibility or sustainability. What are the elements of it and how are they visible and handled in SMEs? 


The transformation path to a circular economy – Gaps, opportunities, and the current maturity level

Companies need support and guidance to incorporate circularity into every aspect of their operations. The Circular Economy Rating (CE Rating), developed in cooperation between WWF Germany and Taival Advisory is a holistic tool that gives the company a clear picture of where they currently are in their CE journey, what their circular maturity is, and provides recommended steps for improving.


The State of Media

Taival CEO Petri Salo and Communications Strategy Director Stephen Lee from San Francisco have a discussion about the state of media in today's world.

Reinventing Strategy Podcast

Wrapping up the year 2022

As last year, also this year we have experienced major disruptions to the market environment. Michael, Reko, and Petri reflect on the year 2022 and

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