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The Circular Coffee Break Episode #4 – Innovation will be key for the green transition of the textile industry

With the textile and fashion industries in the middle of a huge green transition, the importance of alternative bio-based innovations, a more collaborative approach to help scale up, and transparency are more critical than ever.


SMEs in the supply chains of large companies are indirectly affected by the CSRD

Every SME with large companies as clients might be indirectly affected by the CSRD since they are part of the supply chain and will be demanded by their clients to disclose relevant information


The Circular Coffee Break Episode #3 – It takes an ecosystem to create sustainable impact

There is a need for a common language and ecosystems to create a sustainable impact in the construction industry. The change needs to happen now!


Why is this not a priority (yet) – a critical look at the need for a sustainable business transformation from within

If environmental sustainability and circularity are strategic focus areas that are discussed in the board room, why are they not yet a priority when it comes to capability building, strategic transformation initiatives, and holistic business and operating model renewal?


The Circular Coffee Break Episode #2 – How to consume less yet create more sustainable value?

Recycling, refurbishing, and reusing materials are the winning formula for profit in the future. The most crucial change needed in the economy is the mindset and the thinking of consumers.


The Circular Coffee Break Episode #1 – Don’t waste the waste, make it your product instead

Michael Hanf, Executive Partner at Taival Advisory, and his guest Jaakko Nauha, Business Development Director at Tracegrow, delve into the world of new business opportunity creations. The discussion revolves around the Neste NAPCON Algae initiative and a cleantech company Tracegrow that makes sustainable fertilizers out of micronutrients extracted and purified from recycled alkaline batteries. Keep listening to hear how to stop wasting waste and make waste into a product instead.