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Business is all about the conquest. The great exploration.
The constant hunt for greater heights.

Today’s rapidly changing world is no longer made for those who walk the beaten path, but for those who dare to pioneer their own. Only the fearless, the willing, can make a difference in this hectic data-driven environment.

Yet even the bravest of adventurers needs a trusted companion. A local guide to help you map unexplored paths, guide you assertively through hostile terrains, and encourage you to carry on.

That’s us. We’re the sherpas in your climb. We exist to get you there safely and to enjoy the spoils of a victorious business journey.

We are Taival - Disruption consultancy.

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Our story

Our founders Reko, Jouni, Petri and Michael did know each other from working together for a long time but it was in 2016 when they came up with a joint idea that would change their careers and their lives.

In summer 2016 the founding partners grew increasingly frustrated with the consulting services they saw the traditional strategy and management consulting players offer to companies as they were not creating the value they claimed to provide. Based on that experience they started developing a concept for a fundamentally different type of advisory service that was focused on co-creating relevant outcomes and value together with their clients.

In November 2016 at Slush on the Startup Refugees platform the four founding partner shook hands on establishing Taival to revolutionize the business & technology strategy consulting scene. It took another 4 months until Taival was officially launched in March 2017

And the name?

Taival is a Finnish word meaning a travel or a quest. It often refers to a memorable, transformative journey full of both excitement and effort.

Taival is the fourth most used word by Finnish poets. Michael found that word and thought that it represented what founders would take their customer through.

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