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Close the gap between strategy and execution with StratOps

StratOps enables continuous adjustment and revision of a company’s direction based on changes in the operating environment.
Discover how

Dynamic, future-focused, and ecosystem centric strategy model.

Today’s strategists need to enable companies to set compelling, ambitious goals while providing the required speed, agility, and precision to adjust to new requirements and changes in the operating environment in real-time.

That is why we came up with the concept of StratOps and Dynamic Strategy

strategy process


Inwards directed

Customer driven and ecosystem centric

C-level driven

Across the organization

Lengthy & Standardized

Agile (dynamic strategy)



Annual or bi-annual


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StratOps – The DevOps for Strategy

Technology does not provide a competitive advantage anymore. Agility and innovation do. We developed the StratOps process by combining our dynamic strategy with the DevOps approach. Read about StratOps - the DevOps for strategy.

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Traditional strategy vs StratOps

Our CEO Michael reflects on the traditional strategy process that is not meeting the demands of the current fast-moving world and proposes our StratOps process, that aims to provide companies an ability to change their direction fast and meet the demands of the changing operating environment.

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Strategy 365

Old models can not keep up with the pace of change and the level of uncertainty which is why we need to rethink the way we do strategy, renewing it from an annual process towards a continuous practice of scanning key parameters in- and outside the company to enable the corporate leadership and board to adjust in line with the overall strategic charter set for the company.

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Circular Economy

The Strategic Dimension of Circularity Whitepaper

A whitepaper that will help you understand the upcoming circular shift, its implications for your business, and what are the steps you should take to stay on top.

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